How Setting Daily Intentions Can Change Your Life

Intentions are the fuel that can help manifest our greatest dreams and desires.

Really though, we're not being over-dramatic over here - they really do have that much power!

An intention is a goal, or vision, that guides our activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices.
Being mindful of our deepest intentions will help shape them into reality and can directly influence actual experiences.

In a world that glorifies busy, we are constantly being pulled in so many different directions which can cause us to act mindlessly, losing site of the bigger picture we have for ourselves, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unfulfilled. However, setting mindful, positive and energized intentions will attract the essence of what it is and repel what is not in alignment with it.

breathejane_power_by _intentions.jpg

The best thing is that everyone has the power to set intentions and they can be for area of your life- emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.  Although intentions start with a mental visualization of your goal, intentions require consistent focus, action, and positive energy to manifest.

Remaining focused on our intentions while having so many "to-do's" can pose very real challenges. With little ones and busy schedules we were also struggling with this reality. And through these challenges, the Breathe Jane Infinity Wrap was born- specifically created to help keep intentions close and in mind, declaring to yourself, others, and the universe that you are serious about your dreams and goals. We wear it daily as either a bracelet or necklace and feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for this tangible reminder that helps keep our intentions an active priority in our lives. 

Do you set daily intentions? We'd love to hear tips on how you keep your intentions close in mind and a part of your daily routine.